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Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas is constantly reinforcing our commitment towards environmental, social and cultural conservation.

Our Commitment

Water Conservation: 
We minimise water consumption in all areas of the resort through the combined efforts of guests and associates by implementing a number of initiatives. The installation of sink aerators as well as low flow showers and toilets lessens the amount of wasted water. We use a minimally efficient amount of water when cleaning. We are also mindful that every drop counts, knowing that small steps, such as turning off taps when brushing teeth, will accumulate into an even greater saving.

Energy Conservation: 
We reduce energy consumption by at least 10% annually in line with Anantara Group requirements. We make energy saving investments; buying the most energy efficient equipment available, placing energy efficient lighting around the resort, turning off all unnecessary lights, as well as computers and other electronic appliances when not being used, and using air conditioners mindfully.

Waste Management: 
We combat pollution through reducing, reusing and recycling solid waste which impacts landfills, and by cooperating with a local waste management company. In support of our new waste management direction, we have a composting programme, and purchase products which are durable, repairable and able to be recycled.

Health and Safety: 
We maintain the health and safety of our guests and associates alike by identifying and monitoring all potential risks and hazards on a regular basis, and by implementing improved practice when risks are identified, in addition to creating awareness through specific training programmes and related campaigns.

We ensure the hotel’s sustainability performance and commitment is continually improving by measuring our guests’ satisfaction based on corporate standards, setting a high priority on the development and training of our associates, nurturing excellence amongst us, and creating regular property maintenance plans.

Social Culture: 
We work in partnership with the local community as part of our social involvement programme by offering opportunities for local artisans and performers within our hotel. We also promote local cultural awareness amongst our guests and integrate indigenous culture into everyday experiences. Special consideration is further given to employing and empowering local people, and whenever possible, environmentally and culturally sustainable products and services are sourced locally. Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas will continue to comply with all relevant regulations and to meet international best practices. We ensure the implementation of environmental, social and cultural sustainability programmes by monitoring processes and progress, as well as inviting and encouraging our guests, suppliers and the local community to participate in our efforts.

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