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Nutrition Services with Rachel Bullen

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Rachel Bullen is an Australian Nutritionist and Herbalist. With these time-honoured modalities, Rachel offers holistic guidance for health and wellbeing that incorporates evidence-based and traditional approaches, including nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, emotional stress release techniques, and toxin-free living. In addition, Rachel offers consultations in the energetic modalities of Reiki and Applied Kinesiology.
انترنت لاسلكي فائق السرعة مجانًا
Rachel places a key emphasis on holding compassionate space to explore the root cause of reduced vitality in order to provide truly personalised and empowering practical strategies. Rachel’s mission is to help people reach their full potential in wellbeing by encouraging a deeper connection to nature and by aligning with the body’s natural rhythms.


60 mins / THB 4,000

If you have troublesome weight that won’t budge, there is a lot that a holistic perspective can provide. Working with a nutritionist can help you to identify the underlying causative factors that contribute to fat storage, and empower you with personalised guidance and sustainable approaches that help you reach lasting results and improved wellbeing.

60 mins / THB 4,000

Did you know that 95% of our serotonin is manufactured by the friendly bacteria in our gut? Stress that leads to burnout is very common these days, with nutritional imbalances, blood sugar fluctuations, dysbiosis and systemic inflammation playing a key part in our mood, resilience and energy levels. There is so much that specific nutrients, functional foods and lifestyle practices can do to support the body and mind - leading to increased focus, adaptability and zest for life.

60 mins / THB 4,000

Getting quality sleep is absolutely essential for the body to recharge, repair and maintain good health. Nutrition is an essential component that supports healthy sleep patterns through its direct effect on the neurotransmitters that regulate the sleep cycle, and much more. Receive personalised nutrition guidance and learn effective mindfulness and lifestyle practices to ensure you’re getting the most out of your nightly rest.

60 mins / THB 4,000

Do you experience bloating, gas, irregular, or too frequent bowel movements? These are key signs and symptoms that give clues to important factors contributing to our wellbeing. The gut microbiome plays a central role in our overall health - from skin to mood to immune response. Our nutritionist will help you to identify the root cause of a gut imbalance, with beneficial results influencing all areas of your health.


60 mins / THB 4,000

The skin is often termed the window to our health, and by paying attention to the telltale signs our body gives – from acne to premature ageing – we can look further at the whole ‘wellness picture’ to strategically address the root cause. True beauty comes from vitality at the cellular level, and with personalised guidance; you can eat your way to beautiful skin.


منتجع ومخيم أفيال أنانتارا المثلث الذهبي

  • بيئة الغابة الهادئة في موقع يطل على ثلاث دول
  • 40 غرفة و15 جناحًا بما في ذلك 6 أجنحة عائلية
  • مخيم الأفيال الحاصل على جوائز وبرنامج البحث العلمي والحفاظ على البيئة
  • باقات الاستكشاف الشاملة جميع الخدمات للأفيال والسبا والطهي والخبرات الثقافية
انترنت لاسلكي فائق السرعة مجانًا إطلالات خلابة على ثلاث دول
الأحكام والشروط
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